About Us

We are a supply chain that deals with the buying and selling of agricultural products, exportation of agricultural products, supplying agricultural products to end-users.

Tonn limited is an Agro Logistics company that offers specific solutions related to the supply of food and other agricultural products from the producer to the final consumer. We cater for optimal and continuous flow in the agriculture business from the producer to the final consumer. We offer strategic sourcing services, quality control and cross-border logistics services so as to enable our customers receive the best products. Here at Tonn Limited, we put our customers first by supplying value-added agricultural products, optimizing the cost of production, storage, transportation and distribution so as to satisfy our consumer’s need.




We ensure efficient and timely supply of products to our clients.


We provide safe and effective storage of farm products.


We are reliable and efficient in distributing and moving agricultural products from farmers to companies to consumers.

Exporting service

Detailed planning and carrying out of transportation of agricultural products which also involves shipping and exporting farm products.


Organization, movement, management, receipt and proper storage of agricultural products.

Logistics and supply chain management

We ensure excellent management of the flow of goods and services to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the market place.


Tonn Limited is a better deal for our company. They were professional and did a great job while supplying our requested agricultural products to us.

Sarah Johnson

This is the first time I will be trying a new agro logistics company and I had my expectations and the services delivered were beyond my expectations. Products were of good quality and delivery was on time.

David Adeboye

The time I was looking for an Agro Logistics company to help me move my products from the farm to my buyers, I was worried about storage and movement of the produce and that they may rot. Tonn Limited delivered the product to my customers and I must say they have excellent storage services because the products were received in good shape.

Emmanuel Chukwuma

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